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The Making of A Premier Concierge

Allot of elements go into making an outstanding concierge company. You need style, sophistication, an eye for detail, connections, premium tools, extensive marketing and top-notch clientele. Wisdom Concierge incorporated these elements and so much more. Our goal was to make a one-of-a-kind premium company that can offer these qualities and let's just say we were successful in doing so.

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Andrew Patterson

The Concierge | CEO of Wisdom Concierge

Let me introduce you to a young man who took a simple dream and turned it into an extraordinary reality. Many years ago, in 2009, Mr. Patterson, Owner of Wisdom Concierge, had a plan. To create a tailor-made business that catered to the elite and affluent population of South Florida. Since he was located in a state where luxury was typical, He wanted to share the wealth of amenities available with those who desired to have it. He initially started with premium vehicles offering exquisite transportation to those that needed to get to points A to B.

As Mr. Patterson expanded his reach to other companies and service providers that he could partner with that could satisfy the demands of his established Clientele, he branched into more elite services. Today, Wisdom Concierge has evolved into a great company offering phenomenal services such as Corporate Concierge services and private, luxury transportation ranging from Yachts, trains, and planes to an extensive array of dream vehicles. Wisdom Concierge is an experience you can experience today. Our lines are always open!


About Wisdom Concierge

At Wisdom Concierge, providing luxury lifestyle and transportation services is our norm. We focus on creating a unique experience for each of our clients where they can rest assured that every detail is covered. If you desire to experience a pampered and luxurious lifestyle or find peace of mind in gaining assistance in planning and executing your day-to-day regime, allow our highly skilled and professional staff to meet your needs.

We offer a vast array of coordinated and customizable amenities to enhance our client’s experience through integrating the services of our vetted and elite network of partners and providing exclusive access and matchless services. At Wisdom Concierge, we empower you to create a personalized experience with confidence in leaving the details to us.

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